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Custom Made
Custom Made
Custom Made
Custom Made
Custom Made
Custom Made

Custom Made Buffer

Order Fulfillment Process:

  1. Receiving Order
  2. Design: The product is designed based as per customers request
  3. Production: The manufacturing of the product based on the design
  4. Order Delivery: Product delivered to customer

ABI Scientific Inc was founded on the idea that there is a large need for short run custom services at affordable prices.  We specialize in manufacturing as little as or as many as is needed.

Dr. Buffer is a division of ABI Scientific Inc.



What We Do


  • Any Style
  • Any Size
  • Any Quantity
  • Any Time
  • At Affordable Prices



At ABI Scientific Inc You Can:

  • Order any size
  • Order any quantity
  • Order any style
  • Order only when needed

You Don't Have To:

  • Store unused or unwanted buffer
  • Let us to plan your shipping schedule


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